Joe, Owner

“The ideal client discussion was a major “aha” for us. We identified a simple way to focus our efforts around “and marketing” professionals. This narrowed down our prospects list and makes it much easier for referral partners to identify quality leads for us. The idea of using stories to support the sales process, is also being used by marketing to support lead generation”


Jay G, Owner

“The MVP exercise has been critical to our business. We were able to define the critical concepts (MVPs) that are important to our customers. This process has really helped us to align our sales marketing messaging to drive our sales.”


Steve, Owner

“MYB2BCOACH has developed an amazing process for driving sales for small to mid-sized businesses. The sales strategy sessions allowed us to dive deep and truly understand who out core clients are and why. The technology tools that MYB2BCOACH has implemented in their coaching sessions are amazing, and we are seeing significant improvement in call backs from cold calls based on these tools. This is driving an overall increase in high quality leads and opportunities for our business”


Laura, Salesperson

“Utilizing MYB2BCOACH and the tools of their process has given me the confidence to recognize my strengths. Their coaching helps us in the psychological battle during the sales cycle so we can ultimately bring home the win.”


Andres, Territory Manager

"MYB2BCOACH has significantly improved my skills and overall performance since I started. I feel it was a great pace and rhythm to learn the essential."


Ryan, Salesperson

“MYB2BCOACH’s coaching has been the most transformational development in my fifteen year sales and personal development quest. To diagnose, correct and implement more effective sales enablers is a benefit any high level sales manager executive looking to increase revenue should pursue.”

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